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Eco Cascade Launch

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Rhianna Rees

The launch of Eco Cascade, a CIC, working on alleviating a major bottleneck is a huge step in the right direction. Every value chain analysis in the scaling up of seaweed cultivation identifies processing as a key bottleneck, and initiatives such as this one only bodes well for an industry that needs collaboration, innovation, and revolution. The excitement in the room was palpable as everyone gathered to discuss what the industry needs to grow.

As the event began, it was clear that the passion for seaweed was running high. We began the day with coffee and snacks, plenty of seaweed snacks that is – from Mara’s seaweed butter, to Shore’s seaweed crisps, and Kelp Crofting’s fertiliser (no I did not try it!). People shared their updates with their latest seaweed harvest, the issues they faced this year, what else could be done, and what the launch of initiatives such as Eco Cascade means to the industry. Everyone there was driven by a passion for seaweed and its potential.

The conversation then turned to the processing hub itself, one that enables Scotland's emerging seaweed farming companies to upscale. The founders, Alison Baker and Dr. Cait Murray-Green, spoke of their ambitious plans for processing seaweed grown on the west coast of Scotland. The processing bottleneck in the seaweed industry has been a major issue for many years, and Eco Cascade's plans to address it were met with enthusiasm. As the event progressed, attendees began to share their own ideas for upscaling. The conversation was lively and engaging, with everyone eager to learn from each other.

Overall, the launch of Eco Cascade was a success. The energy and enthusiasm in the room were infectious, and everyone left feeling inspired and motivated to work towards a better future for the seaweed industry. With companies like Eco Cascade, Mara Seaweed, Kelp Crofting, and Shore Seaweed all working on a collective goal, there is no doubt that the industry will continue to grow and thrive in the years to come.

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