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About Us

The Scottish Seaweed Industry Association (SSIA) is an organization dedicated to the growth and innovation of the seaweed industry. We are committed to the sustainability of the industry by promoting research, educational programs, and advocacy. Our members come from all sectors of the industry, ranging from seaweed harvesters to processors and distributors.


We strive to bring together the industry’s best and brightest to foster innovation and growth. SSIA is the go-to source for all things related to seaweed and the industry. Join us today and be part of a vibrant and growing community!

Welcome to the SSIA: Shaping the Future of Industry Together

Image by Cate Bligh


To have Scotland at the heart of innovation and sustainable economic growth to:

  • Promote Scottish seaweed

  • Exchange knowledge 

  • Grow the sector

  • Inform regulatory guidance 

  • Develop the sub-sector

  • Explore and Identify funding options

  • Organise events to give exposure to the sector


The SSIA provides experienced advice, guidance, and support in relation to all aspects of seaweed cultivation in Scotland. Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers within the industry with extensive knowledge and expertise; we are committed to ensuring the safe and sustainable harvesting of seaweed for generations to come.

Rhianna Rees


Business Development Manager

Rhianna has been working and studying seaweed for seven years. Winner of Aquaculture UK's Rising Star Award, Rhianna has a deep and knowledgeable understanding of the entire value chain, including the challenges, opportunities, and actions needed to bring the industry forward. 

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Owen Stevens


Chairman of the Board

Owen started his marine career in Asia as a shipbroker selling commercial vessels. He has subsequently worked for the last 25 years internationally in aquaculture. Often working in challenging places, with species new to aquaculture, Owen brings global perspective, enthusiasm, and a passion for improving humanity’s relationship with our oceans. He runs an aquaculture consultancy, Fishwise Ltd, in Edinburgh with his wife Gill and is honoured to be Chair of SSIA.

Cait Murray



Cait is passionate about Sustainable Development and supporting new technical business particularly in rural areas. She is particularly engaged around creating new technologies and opportunities to mitigate and rectify the damage of plastic pollution. Over the past 25 years she has migrated from a research scientist role through sales and marketing into commercialisation of technology. With the founding of CuanTec in 2017 she led the way in circular economy solutions, taking waste from fisheries to create compostable food packaging for fresh fish. Recently she co-founded Eco Cascade a community interest company providing primary processing services to the seaweed producers of the West Coast of Scotland.

Jim Keogh



Jim Keogh is the Europe Director of Strategic Affair at Arramara and relies on his 40 years of public sector experience to foster ongoing development. When not on the clock, he spends his time golfing, cooking, reading and swimming (when the season is right).

Stevie Jarron



Stevie grew up fishing with his father from port Seton. He built Argyll Aquaculture Ltd to support the seaweed industry in Scotland by bringing practical farming experience, as well as expertise in site selection, licensing, farm design, deployment, harvesting and product logistics. 

Duncan Smallman


Director and Treasurer

Dr Duncan Smallman is Head of Marine Innovation at Seaweed Generation. He has been active in the seaweed industry since 2013 and joined the SSIA in 2015, after he founded Slate Islands Seaweed. He has a background in marine biology and diseases in aquaculture and lives in Argyll having spent his seaweed formative years on Easdale island and the shores of Loch Fyne.




Daniel Cracajona has extensive experience in IMTA applied research and commercial seaweed growing. His research has focused on upscaling gametophyte cultures, hatchery management, species colocation, and cleaner fish. He has over 10 years’ experience working in the aquaculture sector, both in applied research and commercial operations in seaweed and fish, and a sound knowledge in various species and aspects of aquaculture.

Image by Robert Haverly

Our vision is to have Scotland at the heart of innovation and sustainable economic growth of commercial companies involved in seaweed species in the North Atlantic 

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